‘WhatWouldGODdo.org’ was founded on April 20th 2019 (a day before Easter) as a way to help put our county (Delaware County PA) and country back under God again.  As it originally was when it was founded nearly 250 years ago. My Goal is to create a model county with help from all that all counties across our country can follow or take the lead and improve on.  With the mission to put this country back under GOD. By simply saying and applying, ‘What Would GOD do’ everyday. It’s simple to know, just listen to your own heart and not think of your own pockets.

As with so many paths I have taken in life that I had planned, GOD always seems to step in and changes my direction.  So I have learned to just go where my heart takes me…and this is the direction it has told me to go. Below is just a braindump that needs to be revised…but it’s a start of the direction I plan to head.

I do not believe in the separation of church and state and believe Thomas Jefferson knew what he had wrote.  And that the First Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” applies to our governments religious rights as well since we were a country founded under GOD.  

So many of our laws violate our nation’s First Amendment since they prohibit the free exercise thereof as a nation and are therefore not being applied correctly.  We have to look at our Country’s religious rights as well as an entity since it is it’s own church. So there can be no separation of church and state since our nation is one in the same.  

So strip those laws that violate our Country’s religious rights away and put our country back under GOD.  So ‘What Would GOD do’ is all I ever think about.  I do not think God would create laws that destroyed his initial laws like we have done in this country.  No the first laws written are the most important and always stay on top and take precedence over any other.   

I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there that can share my frustrations with where our country is heading and how our life, liberties and the pursuit of happiness is slowly being stripped away from us or have been taken already; like I feel.

So if you believe in God let your Will be like Gods.  If you don’t believe in God then let your heart guide you to respect your neighbor and follow the good in your heart.  I know we all have love in our heart. Just sometimes life gets us down and we forget it’s there. So let’s all find that love and share.

I am just a simple man and a nobody that works hard like most of us.  Just like the secretaries and others doing most of the work for little pay.  I feel one person can make a difference but it will take help. So if more than one…how much of a difference can we all make.  Let’s find out.

So here’s an important part of history and the founding of the USA; our Nation where we all live together as one….or should be.  Let’s make that our goal.

“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence. The phrase gives three examples of the “unalienable rights” which the Declaration says have been given to all humans by their creator, and which governments are created to protect.

Well at the rate we are going our government is not protecting those basic rights…they are destroying them piece by piece, bit by bit.  I have listed some quick examples of each below…there are so many as we all know that would fill the web.


If you need health care of any kind your LIFE is at Jeopardy because costs are out of control and the government doesn’t help when they try to manage since it just drives the cost up and create a bigger mess.  If the government wants to truly help, they need to roll back doctor prices to what they were in the 80’s or even 70’s when there was not as much price gouging.


Liberty everywhere you turn your privacy is being violated from Big companies taking pictures of your home from the sky or from the road and capturing our every click on the web and linking all of our friends and families; just like so many other sites do as well.  Or utilities companies requiring your private information to just turn on your electric. I can understand credit checks, etc but what if you want to protect your privacy and simply pay the utility company a deposit. At that point why is a credit check needed. Because it’s simple.  They WANT your privacy violated so the master database has you linked. They want to strip you of your liberties. So ‘What Would GOD do’ is all I ever think about. Not that. Because our country was founded on life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Those three(3) basic foundational rights should take priority regardless of any law created afterwards.  Especially since, our governments was initially created by the people and for the people to protect its people.   If they are not protected our government becomes no different than the English government was in the 1700’s.  Look what happen then.


Then there’s pursuit of Happiness.  Besides being unhappy about the above.  For me happiness is building onto my home.  Yes it’s a hobby and relieves stress and provides so much more.  It’s my canvas and a way for me to express myself and yet have something in the end that I am proud of.  Especially a place I built just for my mom and pop. But the more I built the higher my taxes. I don’t call that happiness. I call that a broken System. Since I should be allowed to do whatever I want to my property I own as long as I am not creating a hazard for others.  Yes the fear of higher taxes was on my mind when I built the place for my mom and pop but what was more important. Well to me, it was making sure I was there for them and the closer the better.  I was not going to let the fear stop me from building since it was my duty to take care of them when they got old. As they did for me when I was young and unable. How many others out there would had done the same if taxes were not the issue; a lot I am sure.  Why should our government stop us in this way from caring for our parents. My mom and pop wanted their independence so I honored that and built if for them. Plus my mom smoked so she needed a place where she could and call her own. She lived with me for 6 years until see recently passed.  Now that my mom and pop have passed, I fear losing my home because of high taxes. That to me is sad if it happens. That is not happiness

So life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness do they exist anymore in America.  Maybe in our dreams. Because I don’t think they do since we are no longer a country under God.  Our country is filled with evil and greed and violates our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness daily.

If someone wants to tell me that’s not true then let’s post every single expense of a government agency in detail (not just show the budget) that spends our money and then show where every dollar comes from and goes, every invoice to every company/person that is receiving those funds.  Put it publicly out on the web for all to see so the public can audit for themselves. Like a site I tried to start years ago call, “OpenAccessAmerica.org” to do just that. When we start to do that, listen to the evil scream and watch the actions evil takes to stop. There will be so much fake news and lies everywhere.  Like evil is doing today to stop our country from moving forward and bring jobs back to America. So even the people you thought were upstanding people would no longer shine.

So support the person trying to restore america, President Donald Trump our Commander and Chief. Anything less is disrespecting the office of the President and the USA.