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Just brainstorming and dumping some unorganized thoughts – looking for support and help!!! I am tired of hearing all of the complaints and not seeing any actions. I want to help resolve and come up with solutions that work that all that want our country back will help implement. So don’t you want to help too? If so, please contact me. Email at bottom.

What Would GOD Do – Let’s apply those four(4) simple words in Delaware County Pennsylvania and across the USA in everything we do, everyday, hour and minute before we talk and before we act. And lets open our eyes and look at the mess around the county, in our cities and all around this great land that we all let happen in one way or another. Let’s put a stop to it now!! Open our eyes and see clearly for once. Let the good within come out and let 2020 be the year to have perfect vision and stop passing the buck.

So many have forgotten what this country stands for. Why it was founded and the blood spilled so we could have our freedoms today; well at least what’s left of them. So many do not stop and think of what they are really giving up (our freedoms) when they back someone that pollutes their mind with false words. That person they are backing is destroying the very thing that allows us to have our freewill and the freedom to speak our mind to name a few. So keep that in mind before just accepting another because their words sound great. What are they really fighting for? To keep our freedom or to destroy it in the end.

Question: Why would democratic leaders keep telling the general public and their our own party lies?  It has been happen since the 60’s. What is there to gain? Well since the media is one of them there’s nothing to lose.  Plus putting fake news/lies out there just creates chaos for everyone and allow hate to grow. And chaos is their plan and hate keeps their plan on track because it destroys America in the long run. Because even the talk show hosts on other side scramble to cover and become reactive rather than being proactive.  And that’s exactly what the democrats want; to be in control of us all.   

So creating chaos buys the democrats time and takes the focus away from what their party does not want to do.  One being, Secure the US borders. And there are so many more major issues that are not moving forward. All of which in my book could be considered national security issues since they are affecting the seniors, average Joe & Jane and working class of this country in that they are trying to destroy the foundation and values that started this country.  To me that’s treason. If the non brainwashed democrats can not see that that we are in major trouble in this country. And our days are numbered.  

So when Trump issues his executive orders a lot of people felt he was overstepping his power.  I had to disagree. Because as President his job is to keep and make America safe. So that’s exactly what he was doing. Plus since neither party where doing anything to secure our borders or other critical security concerns he stepped up to the plate and took the needed action to secure.  Yes we are in a major crisis in America in so many ways and for so many years. Just look around you and see the drugs, crime, increased real estate taxes & regulations and the freedoms being stripped from us daily. And these are just a few of the major problems in the US today. If you disagree…why are you so blind. Democrats and some Republican do not stand for what America stands for; FREEDOM!!!

So Everyday that passes without a secure border for example, costs Americans is so many ways that impacts us for years down the road.  Lack of secure borders cause Americans to be killed by various causes, chaos and drugs are rampant throughout our country and our national security is at major risk.  So if both parties want to play politics and not get anything done then YES the President has the authority and duty to do what the other branches of the government won’t…and that’s to secure our border any way that he can.

So if the democrats want to keep playing chase the carrot and not focus on America first, then Trump needs to continue to do what he does best.  Make America Great and secure our border, bring our jobs back and cut taxes at all levels to bring this country back to where it should be.  Think where the US would be if the non-American politician put America first. I say non-American since they are NOT putting American first and sticking with what this country was founded on. Rather they are trying to change who we are and steal our freewill and ability to think. I for one want the FREEDOM to make my own decision on how I live life. Not have taxes, medical costs and so many other forced controls control me. I dislike my privacy being violated everyday with the web, phone and businesses freely spamming me to credit bureaus selling my info. To me that’s a violation of my liberties is it not. That effect my life and of course my happiness. Our government should be helping us as individuals protect those rights; Not destroy like the non-American politicians do.

And if the Replican leaders do not want to listen to their voter’s voices then we as American need to create a new party that will.  One that puts its voters before any politics and restore our country’s life, liberties and pursuit of happiness as our forefathers created.  Anything less is a crime since it suppresses the American they serve.  

One solution: I say we eliminate corruption or at least start to reduce by making the following a requirement.  If you handle the money of another via our government or non-profit, etc you MUST show where every dollar comes from down to the person and/or company and where every dollar goes down to the invoice/company and/or person paid.  Put on the web with full links to show the ownership of the companies, who sits on the board of directors, etc. Full Disclosure is the KEY not just seeing the budget which is a joke. That will allow for self policing of every dollar spent.  And give an incentive if manager can reduce their budget each year; you get to keep your job or someone else who can do better and reduce the cost will come in a take over.

We have a MAJOR problem in this country when it comes to hearing the same news and true facts. The left thinks their news is valid and the right knows their source if correct. So how do we make sure we all hear the same news? Solve that and maybe we all can unite. Since the fake news is what is causing the major divide.

Fact and point. Someone had knocked on my door the other day saying they were running for township counsel and during the conversation they had asked what news I listen to. My reply was, does it really matter. I just need to open my eyes and see all I need to see since actions speak louder than words. I explained the many various problems I saw and how the past leadership for decades that got us there. I talked about core issues that meant a lot to me; drugs, jobs, manufacturing jobs, schools, boarders, abortion, taxes, full disclosure, fake news and our life, liberties and happiness. They told me they believed in abortion and in God. I said how can that be. If you believe in God then you would not believe in abortion since God provides life and no one should take it away or you violate God’s commandments. Then they started to side step and said if curtain things were done then they would back the stopping of abortion. They said they believe in a woman’s right to choose. I asked did the woman not have the choice of who they slept with and the choice of using protection. Why should they have a 3rd choice; 2 was more than enough. It’s time to let the unborn baby have the 3rd choice. They were telling me lets agree to disagree on key issues that were based on the founding of this country. To me that was a cop out when it comes to talking and discussing our country’s and God’s values (one in the same). Since there is nothing to disagree about when it comes to those values; they are black and white. Either you believe in the USA and that we were created under God and in God we trust or you do not. If you do not, then you are out to destroy those values and this country. Yes it is that simple.

I feel if you re-read the founding documents, America was formed as a religion under God and why ‘In God we Trust’ was on all our money, 10 commandments in our court houses and we had God in all of our schools and that was just for starters. Today God has been removed from everything we believe in. They call it the separation of church and state. That simple statement that was imposed has been destroying this country bit by bit, piece by piece over the many decades. When in fact there was never meant to be a separation of church and state…but one in the same. Since we were formed under God. Period!! So let’s put God back in everything. Rehang the 10 commandments in our court houses and allow God to be spoken in our schools for those that wish. And by all means put the history back in our classrooms that thought me the values and respect for this great country based on what it stands for. No wonder so many are confused and have no clue as to what is going wrong. They were not shown the founding fathers work that created this great nation of values under God.

So don’t judge your neighbor…help them see the truth without conflict. Sit down with them, break bread with them and talk about the facts you both understand while focusing on the founding of this country. If emotions flare then stop and take a break and regroup. Keep the goal to sort through the fake news/words and bring the truth to the table. We all end up arguing over two different trues…and they can not both be true. So get the facts straight and don’t arguing. Or nothing will get resolved.

This country was founded and granted us all basic rights that include life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Yet the left wants to tax those in pursuit of their happiness and steal all or our liberties. Tax should be taxed fairly to all. No one group or person should pay more then their fellow American. The rich should not pay more because they have more. The problem is to tax accordingly. Income tax stinks in some ways since you never see that money in your hand. I say, eliminate income tax and tax only on spending. Since doing so would encourage savings and if you make more and spend more then you could afford the tax. If you make less and therefore spend less you would only pay the tax on what you spent. Sounds fair to me. And stop the increase in minimum wages since all it does is force prices to raise and everyone earning a wage is back to square one. The ones that truly get hurt from an increase in the minimum wages is the ones saving their money or those on a fixed income since it lowers their overall buying power or value of their savings. And most people on a fixed income are the elderly. So in the end we are just hurting them when the minimum wages increased.

Our liberties are stolen from us everyday. Company after company captures our private data (birth dates, social security numbers, credit info, etc) and our past government has done nothing to help its people to protect. Even though it’s a national security risk to expose an American’s privacy; especially in the volume of which it is being exposed. It makes it easy for someone to destroy another and steal their liberties and therefore destroy there pursuit of happiness and therefore destroy their life. The very thing we all should hold dear to our heart. That’s not the America I though we lived in. It should be a crime to capture ones personal data without their permission. And I do not mean a company defaulting to capture the data like so many do but demand that they are required to be clear and ask. The default should be NO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CAPTURE MY DATA. I bet in doing so there would be a lot less problems with our privacy and our rights would be protected as the founding documents were designed.

How many out there enjoy their freedoms and do not want someone else to tell them what to do? It better be everyone or you should leave now. Yes, FREEDOM…as a shirt I read said, “Freedom, it’s not Free” We have family that died to protect our Freedom and we fight everyday for what we believe in. The question is what do you believe in…USA and the way it was founded or how China or Russia is lead. Stop and think and say what does my heart really tell me to do. It hopefully tells you to help protect USA at all corners from the words we speak to the kind respectful acts we show to each other.

Over the years I had my eyes open and saw so many things that made me sad. From the closing of our manufacturing plans that helped us win WWII and help keep families strong and together. To drugs and alcohol killing my own cousins or destroying their lives. It’s all something we could have stopped if we just took the time and kept this country on the path of how it was founded. To me these are national security issues and all branches of our government needs to keep focus and support those that want to restore America to the way she was when we had jobs on every block in the city and drugs were basically non-existing. Since people had respect and respected their own bodies and those of others.

– So much work to be done…we need to start today. One of many missions is to ask that question and change the way our tax collection system works to provide full disclosure. Not just see budgets but the actually numbers of where all the money comes/goes; after all it is our money right.

– No one person/family should pay more tax for the exact same service as someone else in our county.  In doing so, is that not a form of price gouging and discrimination to name a few of the illegal actions our government takes against its own people. What Would GOD do…Not that!!

– School Tax is out of control. For example, in Rose Tree Media $73,000,000 is collected from Homeowners and after state funding it is costing approx $30,000 per student (3771 students in RTM) Just send them to DCCC for $5,000 a year and refund the $25,000 to all the Homeowners that overpaid.  This is not a fair tax to the homeowner. Everyone in county should share and pay something towards this tax. Not just homeowners. Income and sales tax is the best way to make this tax equal to all. And of course full disclosure and cut the costs. I went to school in a poor neighbor and yet did alright for my self. Why because it education was about respect and values then history, math, etc. Today so many kids have no respect before they even come to school.

Let’s make Delaware Country, PA GREAT by taxing fairly by simply following what our forefathers created. One country under GOD. Let’s start with our own county.

Let’s make Delaware County, PA a model county that every county in the country will want to follow.

It all starts with you and you and you…yes all of us.

Start saying to yourself before you are ready to do something…What Would GOD Do.

We need to put this country back in God’s hands. By aligning our Will with GOD’s Will

And be able to mean (not just say) what is written on the back of our money, “IN GOD WE TRUST”

Once we all start to align our Will in everything we do, City’s like Chester and all areas of crime across our county would no longer be poor…we will all be rich. And being rich to me means to have lots of love to share.  So rich with love. And with love all things are possible and money can take the back seat. Since money is the true root to all evil.

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